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The Dolphins of Taiji are Close to My Heart at this Time, so I wrote a Poem for them "Shout Out For the Dolphins of Taiji" and to Challenge the World to Helping them Overcome Their Plight.

Here is that link:

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Empire State Building In Red in Support of Freedom & Life for Dolphins Hunted in the COVE

Bulletin: THE COVE team turns the Empire State Building Red! ... | - Mozilla Firefox

"This weekend Island Institute's Ric O'Barry and THE COVE director Louie Psihoyos lit up the Empire State Building to raise awareness for THE COVE! The color red symbolizes the blood red waters of the cove in Taiji, Japan, where thousands of dolphins are brutally killed each year. Their meat, which contains toxic levels of mercury, is sold as food even though it's unfit for human consumption. Most people in Japan don't know this is happening."

Photos on Facebook of the Weekend Event of December 9th of Changing the Empire State Building's Colors to Red for Dolphin Awareness of the Killings and Captures in Taiji Japan, are Here:

Read More Here:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who Wants to Live Forever?

Excerpt: ... "This is an informational video to help bring the message out about conservation and features the Music of Queen. Erik Brush tells a poignient visual and musical story of the importance of getting involved. Also shares website info for and

Set to the music and incomparable voice of legendary Queen singer and songwriter Freddy Mercury."

Erik Brush in his own words is a ..."wildlife artist turned conservation author and shark biologist.... fighting to protect sharks and the worlds oceans. I am a firm advocate of better education and positive solutions!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Fear in the Water" by Erik Brush

Fear in the water!

by Erik Brush on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 6:06pm (author, artist and conservationist)~ follow him @ and on facebook

"The Ugliest of Monsters that you will ever find in our world is the darker side of the Human mind! - Self Quote."

I was swimming near a coral head in what seemed like a paradise on Earth. The warm waters of the reef fueling my body with energy and life and then there was a strange scent. I could feel fear filling me in a way that I could not explain. I looked around and then I saw them.

Two sharks lay on the bottom of the reef and crabs tugged and ate at the deformed bodies. I thought that they might have been born with deformities bit as I swam closer I saw that they were missing their fins. Only the upper tail fin remained and there were large gashes across their heads and necks where some great tooth or something sharp had bitten or cut the sharks.

A little farther more sharks lay on the bottom in the same or worse condition. It was terrible! I wondered if I knew these fish? Had I seen them in past encounters on the reef? I could not be sure. They seemed familiar to me and yet the scent and sight of death had shocked me and my focus was labored and I couldn't quite reason as well as I would have liked to on this gruesome day.

What kind of creature kills without eating what it kills? What kind of creature destroys life and discards it with such casual abandon? I couldn't understand this. I hunt to eat, not to maim or torment or discard what I take. That is not natural! It's just plain wrong and evil in its own right.

I left the area. It was too heartbreaking to stay and the death in the water may have pleased the crabs, but not me. It was a troubling sign. Looking around I could not see much life on the reef. The large fish were gone and the coral was dying. They say that this is due to acidification of the water which causes a condition known as coral bleaching. I wonder if they understand the link to sharks that is directly fueling this? I doubt it. They never mention sharks, whoever they are.

Swimming further I realize that I must cross a deeper expanse in order to find a better place to swim and study. Upon crossing the deep passage I could feel the flow of cooler water, but now there was a new scent wafting toward me. sounds screamed in a frequency that I can hear quite well and scents drifted to me of dying and dead marine life that seemed to vanish off into the distance for miles.

I came across the bodies of the dying or dead and had a feeling of dread replace the omni-present hunger that I felt. These creatures were all trapped. Floating at the same level with each other. There were dead turtles and dying tuna. A mahi and a few jacks. A barracuda, along with several dead and dying sharks. The caravan of weak or dead animals stretched for miles and miles.

It is strange to see this sight. But it is not the first time that the death line has suddenly been seen before me. I  suppose it is a popular trend with the strange beings who live above the water. In the old days the few remaining elders impart that the oceans were different. The water does not taste the same. The harvesters of all life were not so numerous. Not so greedy.

Today we live and swim in a waste or dying oceans. Our bodies filled with chemicals and trash. Our predators and enemies have become the predators and enemies of all life. Perhaps the skies above them have filled their bodies and minds with a sickness that makes them act so strange. We are all only targets and time is running out. It is becoming empty as fast as the oceans themselves.

It did not have to be this way. In fact it was never intended to be this way. For hundreds of millions of years nothing like these creatures has plagued the world with so much destruction and death. But the end will also bring about their end. In a way it is a comfort just knowing that they are too foolish to last. Too short sighted to understand how badly they have destroyed our world. But they will get it only when it is too late for themselves and for most of us.

So we watch and wait for nature to strike the last blow. It is inevitable. If you take more than you need, and decimate without allowing for other species to recover, then you destroy all chance for balance to continue. And when balance fails, then life fails. I do not know if my species will survive, but I know that some of my kind will escape the great destruction. That one day the parasite from the world above the water will perish and the denizens from beneath will recover. One day in the peaceful future there will be sharks once more thriving and ruling our oceans. And the evolutionary nightmare primates will not even be a memory among any of the survivors.

- Erik

Facebook LINK: Article: Millions in Federal Taxpayer Funds Going to Mississippi "Dolphin Pimp"

Woodbridge Animal Advocacy Examiner

I have included exerpts to this very informative article in the September 12, 2011 Washington DC Examiner News.  It seems obvious that there is a hemorrhagic misuse of federal funds going towards mismanagement of marine mammals in captivity and other pet projects.  ... "According to Citizens Against Government Waste, a whopping $16.5 billion went to Congressional pet projects in 2010" and  the startling highlight of this article is centered around Millions in Federal Taxpayer Funds Going to Mississippi "Dolphin Pimp" Moby Solangi who is supporting a “state of the art” dolphinarium for the citizens of Mississippi. ...  " 

In this article, it is noted and reported that "Leading the pack in discretionary spending is Senate Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Thad Cochran.  In Fiscal Year 2010, Cochran earmarked 27 projects to the tune of $44,400,000.  Of that sum, $1,000,000 went to the Center for Marine Education and Research-Ocean Expo-Learning Center at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies."  The $75 million Ocean Expo is the brain child of Moby Solangi.  ... Richard O’Barry, star of the Academy award winning documentary, The Cove, has  characterized Solangi as a “Dolphin Pimp”.  Said O’Barry, “Solangi is one of the world's biggest traffickers in captive dolphins, and his track record is a litany of violent dolphin captures and exploitation. “ ....

It is my opinion and the opinion of many others from researching facts, that dolphins do not belong in captivity, and do not thrive in captivity.  I do not support a multi-million dollar industry in trafficking captive dolphins.  Do you?  Please read more from the article here:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sea World Tie to the Annual Taiji Dolphin Slaughter - "Fall From Freedom" Video

The following excerpt  is taken verbatim from the Seattle PI News August 29th, 2011

Author: Candace Calloway Whiting
Candace Calloway Whiting has studied and trained dolphins, seals, and orca whales. She is currently a volunteer at the Center for Whale Research at Friday Harbor.
"Narrated by Mike Farrell (M*A*S*H, Providence), "A Fall From Freedom" digs deep into the history of the captive dolphin and whale industry. Topics covered in the film include:
 -Sea World representatives secretly promoted the Japanese dolphin drives where thousands of animals are driven to shore and brutally killed, in order to provide their parks with replacement animals, says Dr. John Hall, former Sea World biologist.

-There is no educational value to having whales or dolphins in a captive environment, states former Sea World biologist Dr. John Hall and former Sea World killer whale trainer Dr. John Jett.
 -Contrary to the claims of many marine parks and aquariums, captive killer whales die far more frequently and at a far earlier age than they do in the wild, says Dr. Naomi Rose, biologist for Humane Society International.
 -Sea World has been involved in illegal and unethical actions to assure their parks are well stocked with killer whales, states former Sea World biologist Dr. John Hall.
 -The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums has worked tirelessly to reduce government oversight on the health and well-being of captive whales and dolphins, states Dr. Naomi Rose.
 -Sea World representatives have claimed that whales and dolphins are not highly intelligent, sophisticated, and social animals. Dr. Lori Marino, a leading expert on killer whale intelligence and social dynamics, asserts that their intelligence and social dependence is second only to humans.
 -Sea World and other marine parks claimed that the rehabilitation and release back to the wild of Keiko, star of the Free Willy movie, was a failure from the start. Dave Phillips of the Free Willy-Keiko Foundation argues that the project was a rousing success, which proved that these animals can be taken from captivity, rehabilitated and returned to the wild."

Fall From Freedom Video:
Fall From Freedom Trailer:

Monday, August 29, 2011

"Australian Dugongs In Peril"

9/22/11 Update on the Dugong and Sea Turtle Crisis in Australia: 

This is a recent video from "CollinwhocaresRiddell" on Facebook about the Dugong and Sea Turtle Crisis.  These important sea creatures are steadily and quickly reaching the point of extinction if man and the environmental elements continue to kill them at this alarming rate.  Although there is a limit on take for Australians, there is a loophole that is causing them harm... Unfortunately for them, the indigenous people of Australia are not under any ban for capture and kill quotas, and there is over-killing and cruelty enforced upon these helpless creatures by certain members of this group thereby pushing the animals towards endangerment and extinction.  Some of the Indigenous people have seen this peril and offer a moratorium.  But this is not law and is under their own intent.  Unfortunately, those in power do not seem to think this is even a problem so have not taken a stance to help by enforcing a moratorium.  So, Colin Riddell, Bob Irwin of Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund, and James Epong,  Dugong and Turtle Protection Officer, are calling on the people to help... They are asking ALL Australians to Support them on a Moratorium for Turtle and Dugong Hunting in Australia. 

Please see the video clip below for more info:

Colin Riddell and Bob Irwin's Save Australian Dugong and Sea Turtles Site:

Article by "The Independent Nature"

Famine threatens Australia's gentle sea cows

Extreme weather has destroyed the dugong's feeding grounds – just the latest menace facing this already endangered species
By Roger Maynard in Sydney
Sunday, 28 August 2011

"An underwater famine is posing the latest threat to one of Australia's most endangered marine species, the dugong, which lives entirely on sea grass. At least 100 have starved to death in recent months and many more are likely to follow in the absence of their only food source.... "In addition to climatic and industrial threats to the dugong population, indigenous fishermen have also been accused of endangering the species. Next month a television campaign will be launched by animal activists who believe Australia's Native Title laws are allowing the "uncontrolled" and "unmonitored slaughter" of dugongs and turtles. Australians For Animals has accused some aboriginal groups of "appalling cruelty".

Campaign organiser Colin Riddell says: "We have a confirmed report of a dugong calf being tied to the back of a boat, its cries bringing in the mother so they can both be killed. We have reports in our office of indigenous groups going out in motor boats with a GPS to find dugongs. Once found, they radio their mates and entire pods of dugongs are slaughtered."

Dugong hunting has been an accepted part of Australia's indigenous culture for thousands of years. Their ivory and bones are used in traditional crafts and their meat, which is said to be similar to high quality beef, is regarded as a delicacy. The Native Title Act allows dugongs to be caught by aborigines for personal, domestic or non-commercial needs, but, according to Mr Riddell, some are being sold for profit. He claims the meat sells for nearly £100 a kilo and is even being exported.
Now he is urging the government to call a moratorium on dugong hunting until population numbers are established. "I don't have a problem with Native Title hunting if it's done sustainably," he insists. "But let's just see how many are left."...  (click on link below for full article)

Colin Riddell and Bob Irwin's Save Australian Dugong and Sea Turtles Site:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Petition & Pledge to Stop the Dolphin Slaughter In Taiji, Japan"

 If you love dolphins, and want to do something to stop the assault on their lives, please check out the following video and sign the petition to stop the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji Japan.

Together We Can End It :

Petition to Stop the Dolphin Slaughter, Taiji Japan

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sept 1st 2011-The International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji

 aka "Save Japan Dolphins Day"

September 1st is the start of the Dolphin Hunt in Taiji Japan. During the 2010-2011 drive hunt, the Taiji Fisheries Union killed 850 dolphins. An additional 171 were sold into captivity. These numbers are multiplied annually without stopping... In the past even more dolphins (and whales) were killed annually in Taiji and other Japanese port hunts.  This traditional slaughter has been happening every year for decades in Taiji Japan and right now there is absolutely no desire by the dolphin hunters to stop their targeted killing.

( The following press release was in advance of the actual event held on Sept 1st 2011)

Press Release for The Houston Site Event Held Outside the Japanese Consulate

I am the 2011 Houston Area Coordinator for the "International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji" also referred to as "Save Japan Dolphins Day".  We are one of many locations rallying together to call attention to this atrocity and bring it to a grinding halt.  This dolphin drive is driven by greed and public demand for the dolphin meat and entertainment.   Many people are not aware that the Inland Dolphin Shows are directly tied to this drive.  The sale of one dolphin to the Aquariums that are captured from Taiji or similar hunts is from $100,000 to $300,000 dollars.  The dolphin hunts are very bloody and pods of dolphins are forced into and annihilated in The Cove, while a few are chosen each time to be sold to live out their lives in captivity, performing for the masses. Dolphins are a very social loving group, and the death of an entire pod of parents, siblings, & babies weigh heavily on the few that remain alive to be trained & sold to the Dolphin and Whale Entertainment Aquarium Centers.  Many captured dolphins  live very short lives dying from stress and disease. Their confined living conditions are not conducive to life.   The general public is unaware of the huge turnover of dolphins for their entertainment.

A Houston educational and demonstrative Event will be held on Sept 1st  in front of the General Consulate of Japan at 909 Fannin Street to bring attention to the general public that Taiji Japan dolphin hunts and slaughter will begin this day, and continue on until March of next year.  It will continue Every Year unless we cause it to Stop.  Our message is simple:  JAPAN, LET THE DOLPHINS LIVE & BE FREE!!!

I am Inviting Anyone and Everyone that can, to come and participate in the educational demonstration here or any of the other places listed (a global map of participants is available @  This will be a peaceful protest and we ask that the Message at this gathering be Positive.  The Target of Focus is to be centered on education towards awareness and change in reference to the actual acts of condoning and killing of the dolphins, and not on the Japanese People .

There will be many things to look at at the Educational Table at the site of the Japanese Consulate, and there will also be a "Cove Guardian" here on site to explain her own experiences and the happenings at Taiji first hand.  We also plan to have gifts for donations to the Cause of "Save Japan Dolphins". The following location/schedule is for Houston, but this is a World Wide Event, and is happening at Japanese Embassies, & Consulates in quite a number of Ppaces.  If you cannot make it to the one in Houston, please note that there are other things you can do to support this Cause.  (see "More Info" Below)

Houston Location & Time:
909 Fannin Steet
Houston , Tx. 77010
Outside the Japanese Consulate
from 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

For MORE INFO: and "International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji" created by Save Misty the Dolphin and
"The Cove" watch the free Cove documentary on line @
Houston Pictures:
Cheryl Gordon, Event Coordinator for Houston's Event: "International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji Japan" also referred to as "Save Japan Dolphins Day"


I believe that the Sept 1st 2011 International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji Event was a Great Success!  The Houston Texas Event was my own group, but there were 40 + other dolphin activists in numerous cities participating in this world-wide protest to save the dolphins of Japan. 

Our group alone included 15 participants outside the Houston Japanese Consulate on Sept 1st, protesting the killing and sales of dolphins and whales in Taiji.  We gave away over 800 handouts of postcards and business cards regarding this event.  We had multiple contributions to the Save Japan Dolphins Fund. We gathered signatures for a Petition to Save Japan Dolphins.  We cultivated much interest and won many hearts for the dolphins... We held a peaceful demonstration, and I believe it was an informative and successful event.  We were proud to have a former Cove Guardian as a Speaker... As the Houston International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji, I am indebted to all who helped make this happen and be successful.

We were but one group of many collaborating to make this Cause known to the World in hopes of  getting more people to take a stance in saying NO and in stopping this senseless slaughter.  Some groups were perhaps of ten, and others were much larger...  Whatever the size, there are similar success stories of each participating activist group, reaching out to the public through different ways & means of approaching and telling the story ~ All around the World.  But words do not get the point across as well alone as with inclusion of visual so I am including the compilation event video to help to drive this point to where it must go, that is: The Peoples Hearts.

I believe this is an impressive and persuasive Youtube video production created by "Save Misty the Dolphin" for The International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji in colaboration with "Save Japan Dolphins" showing the multi-international participation in this Sept 1st event to save the Japan dolphins ~ click on the video below & then click on the supersize expanded version and sit back in your chair to see for yourself:

If You Want to Help Save the Dolphins I Recommend Joining Save Misty the Dolphin on facebook @ 
and Check out the Website of Save Japan Dolphins @ 
See you There!

"Who Do You Think You Are"

A Family Standing Up for What they Believe In, Gives Tribute to the Dolphins of Taiji in "Countdown for the Cove" on their Blog "Stand Up for What You Believe In"

See Also, the Video "Who Do You Think You Are" via Save Misty the Dolphin

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Taiji Dolphin Killing Drives and "Countdown to the Cove"

Sept 1st Marks the Beginning of the Dolphin Hunt Drives in the Cove of Taiji Japan.  It is not unusual for up to 20,000 dolphins and even some whales to lose their lives in these dolphin drives annually.  They are being killed for money... for their meat, and for providing entertainment to the demanding public who want to swim with the dolphins, and watch them do tricks for their own personal entertainment.

But the world is now taking notice, and the pressure is on to stop the killing from these drives, and the sales of selected dolphins for entertainment parks such as Sea World and other Ocean Aquariums.

"For the first time ever, in 2010 -2011, Cove Guardian Activists from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Save Japan Dolphins were in Taiji every single day of the dolphin slaughter, which ran from September to March...yet the tragedy continues..." (from Countdown to the Cove)

People are becoming aware of the dark side of this beautiful sea and fishing port called Taiji.   Here, the fishermen have chosen to hunt dolphins & whales (of the dolphin family), which is misleading, for dolphins are not fish but intelligent sentient ocean mammals.  Also of concern is danger from this practice through ingestion of the dolphin meat which has been found to often contain of a higher than acceptable level of mercury contamination.  This mercury presence is generally not publicized, and when spoken of, lightly put aside as not of concern by the Japanese.  Even the children of Taiji are said to be served this meat in their school menu.

But the word is out, with a jump start from "The Cove Movie" which you can watch for free here @ and concern is now escalating around the world.  The media has picked up the story and there is an increase in the publications and public interest regarding the deaths and captures of the dolphins in Taiji.  Perhaps you too are concerned now that you have become aware of the dolphin plight.  But, what can the average concerned citizen of the world do? 

You can help by spreading the truth, and "Join the protest via Facebook International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji @ "The Countdown to the Cove"

For more information on "Countdown to the Cove", and the Taiji Dolphins just follow this Web Link:

"Countdown to the Cove"

Action Alert - Tell your Japanese Embassy to End Research Whaling

 Saturday, July 30, 2011

Action Alert - Tell your Japanese Embassy to End Research Whaling 

"On July 28, 2011, Japan’s leading English-language newspaper, The Yomiuri Shimbun reported that the nation’s Fisheries Agency is weighing the possibility of ending research whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

The Japanese government has historically held fast to a research whaling agenda.  However, for the first time ever, a new report issued by the Fisheries Agency's review committee on research whaling in the Antarctic Ocean includes opinions on both sides of the issue.... Given this development, Save Misty the Dolphin encourages members of our community to contact your Japanese Embassy and applaud a Fisheries Agency report that considers a halt to research whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Santuary.  "
For Full Article and how to contact your Japanese Embassy, Please Click on the link below:

Scientists Name World's Most Important Marine Conservation Hotspots

"Scientists have identified the 20 most important regions of the world's oceans and lakes that are key to ensuring the survival of the planet's marine mammals such as seals and porpoises. Their analysis also shows, however, that most of these areas are already under pressure from human impacts such as pollution and shipping. Marine ecosystems around the world are deteriorating rapidly, according to Sandra Pompa, an ecologist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico who led the study, in particular due to habitat degradation, introduction of exotic species and over-exploitation of natural resources. " ... " To find out more, Click below to pull up and read here:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Beyond Jaws, The Truth Really Bites"


By Conservation Author & Shark
Specialist Erik Brush

Bio Note:
Erik is an Author and Conservationist, Shark Advocate & Biologist in Sarasota Fla. He does Study/Research work with Elasmobranchs and marine eco-systems specializing in sharks. Working in conjuction with Shark Savers, Sea Shepherds, Oceana, Wild Aid, The Global Shark Initiative, Sharks for Life, The EIA, Stop Shark Finning, and Shark Guardians etc to protect sharks and assist those protecting sharks on a global level.

When JAWS came out in the 70’s peoples lives in the oceans changed forever. The movie grabbed the attention of audiences everywhere and cast a horrific feeling of danger in waters and beaches that people had never considered imposing before.

Suddenly there were sharks lurking in everyone’s mind as Jaws sold us on the idea that nature’s apex marine predators were out there, looking for careless swimmers who seemed deliciously oblivious to the great hunters of the deep! People were terrified of the water and sharks were on everyone’s mind for many years to come.

Even today, the stigma of a man eating mindless killing machine lurking in wait for unsuspecting swimmers is ingrained into our consciousness when we consider the oceans. People fear sharks. People hate sharks. People kill sharks and fish for them with a certain taste for adventure and vengeance that is unprecedented with most marine species.

The truth is that most people have never seen a wild shark. Most never will regardless of how often they swim in the oceans. Most people know nothing or close to nothing about sharks in general. But the picture that they do have, is so far from accurate that it is sad and amazing to those people who spend time with and studying these animals.

The thing that I always wanted to do was learn more about the animals and how they really were? Were sharks really mindless killing machines that ran on instinct like some deadly auto-piloted nightmare? Or was there perhaps something a little intrinsically deeper about these creatures? How smart are they? What are they like?

The best way to answer any question in life is to first ask, and then to seek out the best sources of information or the best experts in the subject in order to answer the question. I have done just that. My greatest allies were curiosity, intention, and a burning drive to learn everything that I could. I started to read and study on an academic level first. But this soon grew to a mass media study. Then in time I sought out the experts.

But the next powerful tool was to discover for myself. I began to swim and wade and dive with sharks. I needed to learn more and to figure out the truth. And it was not long before I began to discover just how little I really knew about them. I thought to myself, if I can have this many misconceptions and gaps in my mind about sharks, and I enjoy and seek them out as a subject of interest, then what must the common person who is oblivious think about them? The average person is still going by Jaws often enough, rather than the reality, which will paint a far different picture.

The average person does not know just how frightened of us most sharks are. They do not associate words like “shy” “scared” “mellow” or “nervous” with sharks. Nor do they associate sharks with concepts such as “intelligence” “versatility” “playfulness” or “aware”. But again, this falls hand in hand with their experience level and degree of study. The sensationalized stories are far more interesting and fuel our hungry negative stereotypes than the truth about mistaken concepts and maligned animals.

In my studies and work with sharks I have uncovered an animal that is not easily approached. A shy and elusive predator that is so incredibly sensitive and scared of us that it takes a very concerted effort to be able to approach them. I have found a creature that rewards association and patience with a kind of curious interaction that astonished and amazes anyone lucky enough to share such moments.

I know sharks that are so distinct in their behavior that they are easily picked out of a group because no matter how similar the group may appear physically, the actions speak louder than words. Some will approach and swim close, looking at you to see who and what you are. They will test you, not as a meal, but as a fellow ocean denizen to see how you react to them. It is interesting to see them and know that there is enough thought going on that they have the faculties to experiment in their interactions with you.

I know sharks that are quite social and seem to enjoy the company of divers or swimmers with whom they are familiar, while they will shy away from all others. They have their favorites and you can always tell who that person is. These sharks will willingly spend time very close to such a person. They always seem to sense the people who enjoy them the most. There is a sort of cross species friendship and enjoyment that is very rewarding and magical when it happens.

I have seen sharks take their personal relationships or interactions with a favorite diver, one step beyond. Large sharks who have actively threatened and chased off other medium to large sharks who approached too close to their human companion. I smile, as I know that this is most certainly not the image that most people have of these animals. But experience opens a world that no amount of big screen bullshit and myth can override. The Jaws idea is simply not in my thinking.

I wish that I could share a new truth about these creatures with the world. I want to tell everyone just how wrong they are about sharks and the danger levels that they represent. While one must always respect the fact that they are large predators and well capable of being aggressive or dangerous if they see a need, most are simply not inclined to treat with us on that level unless triggered or provoked.

Around the world the annual shark bite (I refuse to use the word attack because it is not appropriate for the action) rate is around 70 shark bite incidents a year. Out of these 1-5 wind up as fatalities on average. Most of these occur in water less than 3 feet deep by sharks under 6 feet in length. It is almost always in cloudy or murky water in which the shark’s vision is obscured. The bite is generally to the lower leg, foot, ankle, or hand. Most of the time the shark swiftly realizes its mistake and either releases or attempts to release and swim away. It is not always easy with a panicked swimmer jerking in one direction while a mouth full of back recurved teeth designed to catch and hold fish, is embedded in flesh and preventing an easy release. Amazingly enough, the majority of shark bites 98.9% are superficial and do not even require stitches. There is seldom ever any removal of flesh, though it will make all of the news media when such incidents happen.

The other group of shark bite encounters happens to surfers who are often mistaken for a seal or sea turtle in the surf. These are bit by the big three; the bull shark, great white, and tiger shark. In most cases the sharks soon realize that the surfer is not a fat juicy seal and they let go and swim off. The surfer returns with scare, big injuries, and again the jaws image is reinforced in the public mind. Because the public never thought to view it from the animals perspective. The public seldom asks of the surfer, “What were you thinking, surfing so close to a seal colony? Don’t you know that you look a lot like a surfing seal or sea-lion to a large predator?” It’s easier to blame the shark.

Mistaken identity is almost always the cause of most negative shark encounters. At least on the side of sharks. But the converse is quite different. More people are killed by vending machines falling on them each year ( 9 on average ) than are killed by sharks. The same holds true for car crashes, lightning strikes, dog bites, etc. But in the case of humans toward sharks the statistics are quite different. Sharks have far more to fear from us than we have to fear from them.

Right now in the worlds oceans there is a war going on. Humans verse everything else. And the biggest casualty of this war is the world’s shark population. 2/3rds of all species are down by 90-95% of what they were just 30 years ago. Sharks are vanishing at an alarming rate. They are the most hunted animal group in all of human history. 104 Million sharks are fished and killed each year. Of these 78 million are killed only for their fins, to supply the growing shark-fin soup trade in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Every fisherman in the world knows that there is a bounty on shark’s fins. Whether or not they fish for sharks directly or catch them as “bycatch” (the unintended species taken by a fishing industry targeting a certain type of marine life) they are quick to take the fins. It is an act often inflicted on the live animal. The fins cut away from the body and the shark is tossed overboard to die. Sinking into the depths, in pain and bleeding. Unable to swim. It will either bleed to death slowly or be torn apart by other predators and scavengers in the water.

Shark fins are the third highest earning illegal trade commodity on the planet next to drugs and weapons. The fins can fetch prices between $300 - $700 a kilo on the Asian market. The soup is considered a status symbol with great health and virility benefits for the consumer.

Once an extravagance that was too expensive for the common man, now with a booming economy, more and more Chinese and other Asians have disposable income, which they are willing to spend on luxuries such as this soup. It is a soup killing our oceans and in an ironic and sick twist of fate it is also killing its supporters.

This is due to the fact that as apex marine predators who are large and long lived, sharks and other similar predators, are loaded with massive amounts of toxins and pollution that have moved up the food chain. Years of ocean dumping of our chemical wastes have not caused these chemicals to vanish or dissipate. Instead the food chain concentrates these elements in its top predators. Sharks are loaded with Methyl-mercury, lead, cadmium, POPs (Persistent Organic Pollution) such as DDT and PCBs, and many other toxins.

In turn shark-fin soup is also loaded with these same chemicals. We are a twisted creature in our own right it seems. So do sharks kill humans? Yes, on occasion they do. But now in their rapid demise nature is fighting back on a much more insidious level. Dead sharks are starting to kill people. Methyl mercury is the sharks avenging ghost in a sad war in which there are no winners.

And what of the remaining sharks? Is there hope in stopping the chaos and slaughter? Is there any hope in turning the tide and bringing back balance to these animals and our oceans? The answer is yes. There is still hope for a change. Still time to correct things before the balance is irrevocably altered forever. It starts with awareness and education. It starts with a simple shift of mindset and an awareness of the reality behind the myths. Healthy oceans need sharks, and we need healthy oceans. In other words, we need sharks in order to survive as a species as well.

- Erik.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Eighty Nine Nations ready for verbal 'Whale Wars' in the Channel Islands

Eighty Nine Nations are ready for verbal 'Whale Wars' in the Channel Islands - Washington DC Animal Advocacy |

The International Whaling Commission was established following the creation of a 1946 international environmental agreement known as the "International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling".  Although the purpose was to protect whales from over hunting and to preserve whale stocks for future generations, exploitation continues to occur even within it's own IWC realm.

"There are presently 89 member nations of the IWC.  In 1986, the IWC adopted a moratorium on commercial whaling.  Despite the ban, numerous loopholes within IWC regulations and enforcement allow for several nations to continue to hunt whales, Among them are Japan, Norway, Iceland and the Faroes Islands."...  Sandy McElheney ~ (Sandy McElhaney is a member of the writing team at "Save Misty the Dolphin". This group was founded on facebook to raise awareness about the plight...) 

These countries are allowed to hunt with little overseeing by the IWC, and show little concern or regard of the loss of life, and consequences of numerous kills.

In a compiling letter to Dr. Simon Brockington, Secretary of The International Whaling Commission, "Save Misty the Dolphin" calls on the members of the 63rd International Whaling Commission to fully PROTECT all whales and dolphins. This letter also encourages concerned citizens around the world to join in by submitting similar letters.

To view this topic and the letter you may continue reading on Eighty Nine Nations ready for verbal 'Whale Wars' in the Channel Islands - Washington DC Animal Advocacy |

Sunday, June 12, 2011

BP AMEricA BLUES. JUNE 2011~ Health Issue Cover UP!

On the Once Beautiful Coastline of America we Now See This ...

Look What is Happening to Our Ocean in Our Lifetime.  Without Intervention, there will be no Safe, Viable Ocean for the Future.  Please Get Involved.  If you Ignore the Problem, You are a Part of the Problem.  Please Do Not Allow this to Happen Again and again... 

I recommend sharing this YouTube video with the world in every way you know how, and joining the Facebook "Sustainable Waters & Wildlife Committee" Group to Show the Environment you Care... I just did @

Verbatim Excerpt from the Video Post:

Bp is Not being Held Accountable for the Illness at the GULf or All this dead Sea/wild life. Our Government is IGNORING the TRUTH. BOYCOTT BP FOREVER and do Something to HELP! Please...
These images were collected by the residents since this FEb.
Banned The COREXIT. Open Care facilities for the ILL.
America and The GOvernment is IGNOring this HEALTH ISSUE!
PROTEST BP! Don't let Bp Propaganda Commercials fool YOU! Please HELP The GULf to Stand up TO BP. Don't let our Government Get away with this COVER UP! PEOPLE ARE ILL. CLaims are not paid. must Ban COREXIT NOW.
Please sign this petition ~Demand Dispersant Testing on Dead Dolphins & Sea Turtles in the Gulf ~
photographers credit ~Laurel Lockamy,Shirley Tillman,Lorrie Williams,Denise Rednour, Betty Doud,Charles Taylor,Jonathan Henderson,Lori Captain Deangelis

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Please Help "Save Australian Dugongs and Sea Turtles"

I would like to present and highlight another special cause today~ that being for the Australian Dugongs (relative to manatees) and Sea Turtles that have be exploited to their near demise through uncontrolled and cruel hunting.

This is a short descriptive excerpt taken from the "Save Australian Dugongs and Sea Turtles" website.  Please click on the link at the bottom of this Excerpt to read more about this Worthy Cause taken on by Colin Riddell known as dugongman on twitter, and Colinwhocares on Facebook, who has also partnered with Bob Irwin, father of Steve Irwin, a legend in himself for his courageous and outstanding efforts towards saving the wildlife of Australia.  Bob is supportive of Australian indigenous animals, and is against cruelty to animals, and has started the Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund.  I will post a link to his website too.
I chose the excerpt below which is taken from a post on this website, authored by Colin Riddell.  I believe it does well in getting the message across.  Please visit the site to get more information and to help spread the word and/or donate to the cause.  In it he says, :
"In Australia we have the native title act.
Please Note:  these statistics are from the yr 2004 and are much higher now... A review was done in 2004 by James Cook University

It allows indigenous Australians to kill in any numbers with no monitoring at all !
Aboriginal traditions and Islander customs target over 50 native wildlife species
These include bustards, crocodiles, dugongs, echidnas, emus, fish, flying foxes, frogs, goannas, lizards, macro pods, magpie geese, possums, shellfish, and snakes, as well as fresh and saltwater turtles and dugongs
It is estimated that up to 1600 dugongs and 20 000 salt and freshwater turtles are taken annually in Australia. In Tasmania, 200 000 mutton birds are caught annually.
The dugong is listed as vulnerable to extinction at a global scale by The World Conservation Union .
The green, leatherback, hawksbill and flatback turtles are listed as vulnerable which means that they may become endangered if threats continue.The loggerhead and olive ridley turtle are listed as endangered under this Act which means that the species may become extinct if the threats to its survival continue

My remedy:
It is to overhaul the native title act ,it is to have a moratorium straight away ,conduct a count of how many are in our waters ,if unsustainable ban it full stop, put some guidelines in on how an animal is killed ,bring all cruelty acts into line with each short stop killing endangered animals if it is unsustainable, where else do we condone killing animals vulnerable to extinction!"

Related Links:

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Song for the Dolphins and Whales

A captivating song about Captive Dolphins/Whales
Titled: "Captive" 
Written by Holise E Cleveland, and vocal by Jaki Song, with music by John Ming. 
Thank you!

.... Can Smell the Ocean Wind... Can You Hear Me?  Can You Free Me?

Link to the Song with Lyrics Here: "Captive"Jaki Song/Holise E Clevland/John Ming

Please Listen and Share with All You Know and Don't Know... In whatever way you can...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"A Tale of Genocide in the Faroe Islands"

A Family Tradition that horrifies many is allowed to continue in the Faroe Islands.  This is the annual hunt and cull (a softer word for "kill") of whales & other cetaceans that occurs without mercy, and with all family members actively engaged and happily participating.  It is with heavy heart that I strongly say, inhumane ways of the past have no reason in the present.

This revealing post on the "Champions for Cetaceans" website vividly tells us the story and shows us the pictures of a continued bloodbath that must stop.  Please help us educate the World in what continues to happen to the the intelligent mammals of the ocean by also telling this story and advocating against it to the world in any media way you know how.  Even telling your friends gets the word out.  If enough people in the world protest, it will be the needed pressure to stop this barbaric practice and save the remaining whales of the sea.

The Species called "Man" has become the cruel apex predator with a thirst for death that will exterminate all species of the planet if allowed to continue.  Yet, not all of "man" is the insatiable beast described here.  Those of us who are against these practices must make our voices heard to change the wrongs that are done to the creatures of this beloved planet we call earth, and we must do it now ~ for time is quickly slipping by.  The damage to the ocean and it's inhabitants is great.  News of ecological damage to the ocean is an added factor in killing off the inhabitants of the seas, and without the ocean, man is doomed.

Please join us now, by making your voice heard in protest in the best way you know how.  Help us to spread the word... Thank You!

Link to Article on the Faroe Island Hunt mentioned above:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

"What Will We Do?"

What Will We Do When the Ocean is No Longer Blue? When the Skies Are Gray & the Trees have Gone Away, What Will We Do?

What Will We Say When there are No More Dolphins Left to Play? When Fish are Dying and the Coral has Eroded Away, What Will We Say?

Who Shall We Blame When the Whole World Seems Insane? When Life is no Longer Held Sacred & the Earth is Stripped Naked, Who will we Blame?

Cheryl E Gordon

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"You Inspire Me" Video by Eric and Chastity

Eric and Chastity @ A Family Standing Up For What They Believe In Made this Great Video of The People they Believe are "Champions of the Seas".  It is Called, "You Inspire Me" ...

See if You can recognize any of your friends, or perhaps even you!

Friday, March 25, 2011

"Japanese Rescuers Save Baby Dolphin in Rice Field 12 Days Following theTsunami"

According to Reuters and other news, Japanese Tsunami Animal Rescue Workers found and were able to rescue a stranded baby dolphin from a rice paddy after the terrible earthquake & tsunami disaster that hit Japan on March 11th .  It was actually found 12 days after the Tsunami hit, on March 23rd.

The little dolphin (about 4 foot in length or 1.2 meters) was found about a mile inland, and was very weak.  The people who found it, called the rescuers to the scene.  Luckily it was still in flooded sea water but it was shallow at the time of discovery.   Ryo Taira, a pet-shop owner who has been rescuing animals abandoned after the 9.0 magnitude quake and tsunami was able to pick up the struggling cetacean from the shallow inland sea water in the rice paddy.  He was able to do so he said, because it seemed weak. He and another helper, wrapped it in a towel and carried it back to the sea, where he was able to release it alive, into the ocean.  Hopefully it will find it's way back to it's own pod, or perhaps another may adopt it.  We hope the end of this story is a good one.

Here is a link to multiple pictures and article from Reuter via Yahoo News

You Tube Video:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sea World, Bad Management by Holise E Cleveland III

This article from Holise E Cleveland III aka Cyber Whale Warrior, is about the absurdity and ignorance of capturing and keeping animals from the wild for human "education" and enjoyment.  Sea World is specifically targeted in this article.  The videos are also very informative;  the first coming from a very educated man, a PHD and a former Marine Mammal Biologist @ Sea World.  The second is about Orcas stolen from the wild to be sold to a world of Entertainment for the Masses.

How can one Argue with the Truth? My father told me as a child…. “Just because it has always been done that way, does not mean it is right. Follow Your Heart in whatever you do.”  Just because we were brought up to view captured animals in cages for “Education” does not mean it is the right thing to do. We can bring our children to Animal Sanctuaries and they will be educated to them with the goal of releasing them when healed, or protecting them because they need a safe place and can no longer be safe in the wild.

Here is a link to the article for you to see for yourself:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shout Out for the Dolphins of Taiji - What I Believe

"Shout out for the Dolphins of Taiji"

We are Each a Small Voice, but I Believe Our Voices Ring Loud when in Unison. At this time I fear Many do not read what is put before them, but Some do, More are Listening and Concerned and with Time, More Will.

"My Hope Lies in the Faith That Many People from All Corners of the Earth will Feel it in their Hearts to Act and Voice their Opinions taking Stance against the continuing Slaughter of the Dolphins and Whales of the Oceans. The Killing is not for need as food ~ much of the meat is not even liked by the Japanese in their cusine ... Some Say it is their Culture or Tradition, but that does not make it Right.  Others say they are taking their fish, and for that they must die... 

I am Speaking of their Annual Slaughter ~ of Thousands upon Thousands of Entire Pods, the Painful and Horrendous Means of Capture & Death, and the Choosing of a Few Singled Out with Each Entrapment in the Taiji Cove, for High Dollar Sale for Amusement and Entertainment in Sea Aquariums in Far Away Places."

These Magnificent Sea Animals are not fish; they are mammals, and they are no more theirs (the Japanese town of Taiji) than the Ocean Belonging to Them. The Cetaceans (dolphins and whales) are Said to be Second to Human in Intelligence, Yet these Fishermen Continue to Search out and Drive the Pods of Dolphins into their Cove to Kill them and Sell them for Profit.  (revised for further clarification 1/6/10)

When they are No More, and have become Extinct, Will the World then take Notice, and Weep and Wonder Why? This Town is so Proud as to Let their Families Eat the Mercury Tainted Food rather than to Turn to Other Healthy and Humane Ways for a Living. But for Those who Care, We must Continue to Speak until this Atrocity no Longer Happens.

“Shout Out For the Dolphins of Taiji”

Cries of Anguish and Death
Reverberate across the Seas
Originating from Taiji
Taking Me Down to My Knees

Dolphins of the Oceans
What have they done?
They are Taking Your Lives
In the Land of the Rising Sun

From Your Ocean Home to their Cove
In a Death Run For the Kill
Relentlessly Driving Your Pods
For Your Blood they Will Spill

Oh Dolphins of Taiji
My God what they Have Done?
They Stab you in Numbers
And No Mercy is Shown.

Families, Unborn Babies,
It Means Nothing to Them,
The Power of Green Money
The Driving Force from Within.

And they Call You Pests
For that You Must Die
"Stealing Fish from Our Nets
Costs Us Money they Cry"

Your Blood they Do Spill
In the Cove of Taiji
And A Few Spared in Each Run
Are Sent Away for a Fee

To Swim in Concrete Pools
Entertaining the Masses
While their Friends are Cut Up
And Served in School Classes

Fed to the Children
Toxic Mercury from the Kill
Identified only As Meat
To the World from the Spill

Hearing Your Cries Our Sweet Friends
We Tell the World of their Shame
May the Fishermen of Taiji
Find no Pleasure in Their Pain.

The World Does Take Notice
Cove Slaughters Must be Halted
Let the Dolphins Swim Free
And their Defenders be Exalted.

© Cheryl E Gordon 12/25/10

If You wish to Help in Any Way, You can Write a Comment here, Post a Link on your blog or web, write the Japanese Embassy, write to the Japanese Newspaper (links are below).... Even Better, Go to Taiji to Help the Guardians, Be a Guardian, or Just Get the Word Out ... Anything is Better than Doing Nothing... Thank You!

Make Your Voice Heard to the Country of Japan ~ Tell them what You Think About Allowing Dolphin and Whale Hunting to Continue:

Link to the Japan Times Online where you can write your comments about Taiji and the Dolphins Directly:
Link to US Ambassador Ross on Twitter:
Japanese Embassy Names and Numbers:

"My Style of Activism: What I Believe"

This is what I Believe about My Personal Activism and the Cause:

People are People, and Cultures are Cultures.  One cannot blame a particular people or a single person for a particular culture.  Not All People who do “Bad Things” are “Bad”. Sometimes people are cruel or irresponsible because they do not understand. There are also some who do not care, and some people do not hear, see or feel what I do.  All are different.  Then there are those I refer to as the "Walking Dead"… There is no hope for them…

I also believe that others just honestly cannot see past their own beliefs. They have tunnel vision or perhaps they are afraid to step outside their own box in fear the lid might close behind them. Yet if reminded & educated, and enticed over and over, a seed offered may find fertile ground.  Education and reinforcement of the value of life is so very important if we are to survive.

I am what one might call a peaceful activist or perhaps even a Pacifistic Activist.  After almost 60 years on this Beloved Planet I have found out that "name calling" never gets one to change.  So, when I become angry over cruel and ignorant behavior, I do my best not to resort to "cussing them out", but try instead to respond reasonably and appropriately in getting my message across. I try not to judge and call people names who do not believe as I do, as I do not know what is truly in their heart and mind.   But, should they call me names, so be it… Laying the truth on the table for people to digest is what I try to do. One cannot digest truth if it is forced down their throat, and when the tone is threatening, one most likely withdraws or attacks. He/she simply and determinedly will not listen.  Yet, when one fights back with name calling and cruel comments, I do know that a nerve has been struck.  If a nerve is struck, that means at least they are listening.  They may not understand or agree, but they are listening.

I believe we must fight for what we believe in.  It is best done without destructive measures.  One dictionary definition of fight that seems appropriate here is "to exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate for."   I try my best to love people, and believe that hate is a cancer, and I am aware that not everyone will be a believer in the Cause.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"The Whalers Have Been Shut Down"

First of all I must say, that I do not hold the Japanese People responsible for this practice, but the Japanese Fisheries and the Whale Hunters are the offenders, and I am relieved and ecstatic the lives of whales this year, have been spared in this sanctuary from the whale hunters/poachers.

Per Captain Paul Watson, of the Sea Shepherd, "The Japanese Fisheries Agency is saying that the whale hunt (in the Southern Ocean) has been suspended due to the interventions of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society..."

The Sydney Morning Herald @ reads in part: "The sudden departure has raised hopes Japan may be moving to end its widely opposed, 23-year-old "scientific research" program, which has killed about 10,000 Antarctic whales.... The whaling industry is also suffering at home in Japan, with revenue falling as whale meat sales plummet, and with key figures in the Fisheries Agency of Japan forced to apologize for running a black market in the meat."

The Japanese Whalers have been in a Whale Sanctuary in their annual hunt with the factory ship, the Nisshin Maru, and three harpoon vessels under the auspice of Research since the latter part of last year.  But killing and selling for profit is suspected as their main purpose there. Now that their hunt is suspended, many whales have been saved from the harpoons of the whalers by Sea Shepherd and Sea Shepherd alone, relentlessly chasing their fleets and driving them from the Antarctic Region.

Click on the link below for the full commentary by Captain Paul Watson here:
 The Whalers have Been Shut Down @

Here is a link as well to a news release & video by The Sydney Morning Herald:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nichole McLachlan's "No Dolphins and New Plans" Education of the Masses"

Excerpts in parentheses are From Nichole McLachlan's Blog "The Path To Protect" @ Nichole is a Cove Guardian currently stationed in Taiji Japan where Dolphin Slaughter & Capture is the Routine. She states she will be leaving the cove in a few weeks, but her passion is secure for the Dolphins, and she will continue to fight for their lives.  This is an excerpt taken from her latest blog post, February 13th, 2011.

"My biggest passion is for the oceans- for protecting the world’s marine life, and in particular the world’s cetaceans. My other passion is to help the youth of the world realize the importance of speaking up for what they believe in- to stand up and fight for their futures… My goal is to educate young people, in order for them to make informed decisions about how they live amid their surrounding environment."

Nichole believes mankind is on the path to self destruction and turn-around is imperative for the inhabitant's of this planet's survival. She further states here,

"If the businessmen and politicians of today won’t stop the madness that is occurring worldwide- the businessmen and women, politicians, scientists and environmentalists of tomorrow’s generation must take a stand a few decades early- and let those in positions of authority know that we will not sit by and watch our future be destroyed before our very own eyes…"

Nichole promises us that within a few weeks she will be offering plenty of ways on her blog, that people can get involved to stop this continuing path of destruction.  I believe that she is passionate about the health and welfare of the ocean, and will continue to fight for this cause as well as the cause for the earth in it's entirety.  One way she is doing this, is through her "Youth Project" that is now underway.  It is one that she will reach out to educate the youth in ways they can get involved with the change needed @ Taiji Japan, that will save the dolphins from man's grasp and death, and in helping save the ocean and it's inhabitants from human ignorance and pillage. 

This is the link to the Youth Project Posting on her blog:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Sea Turtle Populations Drop Following Spill"

Sea Turtles are Especially Vulnerable to the April 2010, BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

January 27th 2011,
ECOWORLD, Nature and Technology, Reptiles:

Although the initial news is no longer new, The Devastating Outcome of this Infamous Spill Continues On ... "A new report finds that more turtles were killed or injured in the Gulf of Mexico in the time after the April 20th disaster than in any similar period in the past twenty years... “Of all the species affected by the oil spill, those for which I have the greatest concern are the sea turtles,” said study co-author Doug Inkley, senior scientist at the National Wildlife Federation.

For full article, click on the following link:
I believe that if one cannot control a negative outcome related to their action, one should not be doing it. Thank God, others feel the same and are willing and able to do something about it.  I just found this helpful link on the EarthJustice Blog Site relative to off shore drilling and oil spills.   They are dedicated to preventing more BP type Oil Spills through legal channels.  They write: "Earthjustice has been deeply engaged in curtailing the expansion of offshore drilling".... "Through a series of lawsuits, we aim to force federal agencies to do their jobs and stop being cozy with companies like BP, which was allowed to drill recklessly without an adequate plan to handle even a moderate oil spill, let alone the monster it let loose on April 20."

Monday, January 24, 2011

Behind the Tarp in "the Cove" of Taiji and Ric O'Barry Interview with Sting

"What is taking place behind the Tarp of the Killer Banger Boats of Taiji?

I have posted a link here for the Jan 24th 2001 Ric O' Barry News Commentary & Video.  One can see what actually Takes Place Behind the Tarp Cover of the Dolphin Drive Boats following the capture of dolphins from the  hunt in the Cove of the fishing village of Taiji Japan.  Some of you may remember Ric O'Barry as the former dolphin trainer for the 1960s TV show "Flipper,"  Since the show, he has learned much about wild dolphins and  is focused and adamant regarding protection of these wonderful intelligent sea mammals.  He is one Star who has not let his Dolphin Friends Down.

The Japanese fishermen have been accused previously of initiating cruel, prolonged and agonizing deaths of their dolphin captives in the Cove of Taiji.  Following the repeated accusations of their cruel killing tactics, they now perform their kills behind tarps strung across their boats, so others cannot see what they are doing.  They say they are humane in their slaughter of the dolphins they kill for food.  If so, then why have they added the cover of tarps?

Ric O'Barry has actually captured recent video footage of what happens behind the tarps. It is what many of us suspected.  The Video is Not for the Faint-hearted and is Deeply Disturbing if one has any Compassion for Dolphins.  The commentary and the video link is added here for you to follow if you wish.

What if there Were to be a "Sting Debate"?

On a more hopeful note, O'Barry has been recently noted talking with the British Star and Jazz Rock Musician, Sting, this being in the dolphins favor.  According to the Huffington Post, Sting vocalized his opinion while discussing with O'Barry, that people should not be eating dolphins, and that starting a debate is the best way he feels will help save the dolphins.

It is unfortunate that there seems to be be only a trickle of  Celebrities who have come forth to speak out against the Killing of Dolphins and even less who have made it to the Cove itself.  It has been noted that the few times celebrities did show up in the Cove, last year, the killings were halted.  Most likely this occurred because the media was there in full force with the stars presence there reaching out to international acclaim. But, there are no stars in Taiji now, and the killing continues there like clock work...

It would be awesome if Sting would actually choose this haunting site for his own public debate, to speak his mind to the world, encouraging a debate over the actuality of these dolphin horrors cascading like recurring Nightmares, over and over again in the Blood Red Killing Cove. 

Click the links below to read the full articles from the Huffington Post)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Nature, Let's Discover: The Striped Dolphin

 This is an Informative Article on the Striped Dolphin from "It's Nature, Let's Discover. 

Did You Know that... "Unfortunately, the Striped Dolphin has failed live successfully in captivity, with animals usually dying within 2 weeks because they fail to eat.",

Or that Dolphin "Drives" still Kill Thousands of Dolphins a Year?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Save the Dolphins of the Cove" - Save Japan Dolphins (with Special Thanksto Jackie Bigford for Producing & Kudos to All who Contributed!)

Call for Help from "the Path to Protect" The Cove

From the Path to Protect Blog:  If You are Concerned about the Killing and Sale of Dolphins, I recommend reading "the Path to Protect" blog by Cove Guardian Nichole McLachlan.  


Taiji Japan is one of the largest Perpetrators and Offenders, killing on the average, more than 20.000 dolphins a year, and keeping a remaining few from each hunt for the Entertainment World.


Cove Guardian, Nicole McLachlan's blog on  1/10/11 events tells us bluntly, "THIS IS WHY WE MUST NEVER STOP THE CALLS & EMAILS.  For Misty & every other dolphin that has had the misfortune of swimming near Taiji. DOLPHIN BASE IS PROFITTING FROM THEIR MISERY.


If Everyone would take the time to call or email Dolphin Base, it will help to bring about the change we need which is termination of the hunt and release of the captured.  


We need Everyone's Help to Save Misty the Dolphin @ Taiji Base Camp and all the Others Captured, (approximately 50 at a time) in Small Tanks, being held and pre-trained for the Worlds Aquariums.  This is the Main Thought in the Taiji Fisherman's mind... Drive in the Pod, Choose a Few strong, pretty ones, kill the Others.  That is what is happening over and over and over....


This is the phone number for Dolphin Base +81-0735-59-3514

Sea Shepherd Stands Sufficient in the Southern Ocean

Sea Shepherd News Jan 10, 2011

Sea Shepherd Stands Self-sufficient in the Southern Ocean

"Sea Shepherd does not expect help or assistance from Australia or New Zealand.  Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society should not expect any help from Australia should any Sea Shepherd crew or vessels get in trouble in the Southern Ocean ...".   (click link to read entire article)

Marine Mammals in Captivity Short Video Clip via SealAngel

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sea Shepherd Using Balloon Surveillance on Japanese Whalers

I came across this news today from a Twitter Post that Sea Shepherd has just begun Using Balloon Surveillance too observe and keep track of Japanese Whalers.
It starts like this:  "Conservationists are using giant weather balloons to stalk Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean.
Members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society launched the helium-filled balloons on Friday.
Captain Paul Watson says the balloons are fixed with cameras and radar detectors and relay the ships' positions back to the protesters via satellite... " (click on link below for full article)

Here is the Link to that News Release:
Balloons sent to spy on whalers - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Thank You @ for that Twitter Link ~

Thursday, January 6, 2011

When Culture and Tradition Conflicts with Reason and Compassion

Some Negative Cultural and Traditional Acts:

Witch Hunts
Burning at the Stake
Killing by Slow Death Such as Seal Clubbing & Shark Finning 
Deliberate Extermination of any Species
Torture Killing by a Captor Such as
Scalping, Setting the Wife on Fire or Stoning of an Accused
Ritualistic Killing and Sacrifice
Human Consumption of Conquered Victim e.g. Cannibalism
Selling a Family Member for Profit
Killing of Newborn for Population Control
Killing Outside of Necessity for Life/Survival Such as Seen with Majority of the Dolphin and Whale Hunts
Bull, Cock, Dog Fights, Bear Baiting
Or other Risk of Animal Life for "Entertainment"
Killing of or Experimenting on Animals in the Name of Science

And The List Goes On..... Some Specific and some General...

As an Intelligent Human Race We Must Allow Reason and Compassion to Prevail.
Some of these Horrendous Acts Have Been Seen as Inhumane and Abandoned.
Some Have Not. 
Just Because it is Culture, Religion or Tradition, Does Not Make it Right.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Francois Hugo and Seal Alert / SA

Seal Alert SA:
"Seal Alert-SA was established in 1999, as a direct hands-on organization to address the imbalances, cruelty and abuse that has plagued this species (Fur Seals) for well over 600 years. Our primary roles are investigation, rescue and in the wild rehabilitation, free of all forms of confinement. Our ultimate goal is the re-establishment of the ecology path, this species has been diverted away from. We seek an effective and meaningful, protected natural balanced marine environment, that is not based on unnatural animal segregation or exclusion policies or over protection of one species to the detriment of another."  Francois Hugo
For More information about this Wonderful Cause and Francois Hugo, Founder and Champion of the Cause, please click on this link:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sea Shepherd Confronts Japanese Whalers on the High Seas

Dec 31st Headlines & Introductory Comment ~Sea Shepherd Hunts Down the Japanese Whalers Before a Single Whale is Killed:  
"Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s fleet has found the illegal Japanese whaling vessels on the last day of the calendar year. In the vastness of the Southern Ocean, Sea Shepherd’s ships have now found the Japanese fleet before they even began killing whales.  This is a momentous victory for the whales and precisely how Sea Shepherd’s President and Founder Captain Paul Watson had hoped to ring in the New Year."  ... continued in link below

1/2/10  Hey Friends! what Great NEW YEARS NEWS from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Fleet in the South Seas:, The Bob Barker, The Steve Irwin, The Gogira!
Here is More of the Story in the Antartic Sanctuary Frankophone Facebook Report:

Reports on Misty, the Sick Captive Dolphin in Taiji Japan

On December 31st, 2010, The Cove Guardians of Sea Shepherd in Taiji Japan Tell Us of the Plight of One Lone Neglected Dolphin @ Dolphin Base at the Taiji Dolphin Resort (Misnomer!)  She was Captured Earlier along with a few from her Pod chosen for the Entertainment Parks of the World, whereby the majority of her Pod were horrendously Slaughtered for their Meat by Japanese Dolphin Hunters.  

The first Video I Saw of Misty was made December 31st by the Cove Guardians who were Unable to Get to Her Because of Barriers and Imposed Restrictions.  I understand now that the Cove Guardians had spoken to some staff and found out that she was held captive in the small tank you see and isolated up to a period of one MONTH, and it was now thick with algae and dead fish, and very poor circulation if any.  This Inhumane Mistreatment and Neglect Started a Universal Outcry against her Captors:

This is the video I am referring to where Misty the Dolphin fights for life in this contaminated pool ~ (when you pull this up, a pop-up advertisement may surface.  Just click on "close" to see the report) - CNN iReport & Video of a Deserted and Neglected Misty the Dolphin in Dolphin Base 


Video Update~ 1/2/11 ~ From the Teenage Activist, & the Path to Protect NickM22's ChannelTaiji Video Blog on just before her transfer to a cleaner larger pool in contact with other dolphins:

In this Video, Libbey, one of the Cove Guardians is being interviewed, and comments that the world involvement is simply amazing! She and the Cove Guardians are Thankful to all the Support they are Getting and Encourage us to keep up getting the word out, and for the Continued  Pressure we are placing on the People who are holding these Dolphins Captive.  During the time of this video, I believe there are 30 or more dolphins being held captive in the Dolphin Base.
January 1st From all the Pressure of the World, Misty's Captures Relent ... We hear and see this video from the Concerned Cove Guardians Just Outside the Dolphin Base Barricade.
Misty has been Moved ...  ~ But is it too Late for her recovery?  She is barely swimming in the picture before her removal from the filthy tank she was kept in.  She is in Dire Need of  Help .... (later we find out that Misty is actually a he)
Please Pray for, Meditate for, Ask For or forward Healing Light and Energy to MISTY, the Dolphin, still Imprisoned in a tank in Taiji Japan.
Thank YOU Everyone Who Has Taken Her and Her Plight to Heart ~ 
This is the Video of actual footage of the move on YouTube from the Cove Guardians of Sea Shepherd - Misty the dolphin from the Dolphin Base in Taiji is getting moved ~ evening of 01/02/11

January 3rd 2011 from Ric O'Barry @ Earth Island Institute viaTim and Carrie also in Taiji and associated with the blog "Save Japan Dolphins" have this to add:

January 3rd 2011 Report from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society;  Addition of Save the Dolphins Team~ Re-Joining of the Forces in Taiji

January the 4th Update on Misty from Nichole, one of the Cove Guardians, "The Path to Protect"

January 5th, 2011 ~ Misty is identified in his new tank separated from, but next to his many overcrowded dolphin friends.  Thank God he is still Alive!  See the video ~  Bless him, he has his yellow float still with him clutched in his mouth, but he is able to throw it and catch it now.  He appears stronger and in a better metal state.  See for yourself.  I Would Like to Say that the Next step 4 Taiji is ... CLOSE THIS DOLPHIN BASE CAMP, and FREE THE DOLPHINS!

Surely These Barbaric Actions MUST Send  OUT a RED FLAG to the Humane Members of the Species Homo Sapiens to Denounce Slaughtering and Capture of the Dolphins and Whales.   Please be Aware, that If You are in Attendance of Captured Dolphin or Whale Shows, You are Supporting the Blood Trade!  They are Dying for Human Entertainment.