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Monday, January 24, 2011

Behind the Tarp in "the Cove" of Taiji and Ric O'Barry Interview with Sting

"What is taking place behind the Tarp of the Killer Banger Boats of Taiji?

I have posted a link here for the Jan 24th 2001 Ric O' Barry News Commentary & Video.  One can see what actually Takes Place Behind the Tarp Cover of the Dolphin Drive Boats following the capture of dolphins from the  hunt in the Cove of the fishing village of Taiji Japan.  Some of you may remember Ric O'Barry as the former dolphin trainer for the 1960s TV show "Flipper,"  Since the show, he has learned much about wild dolphins and  is focused and adamant regarding protection of these wonderful intelligent sea mammals.  He is one Star who has not let his Dolphin Friends Down.

The Japanese fishermen have been accused previously of initiating cruel, prolonged and agonizing deaths of their dolphin captives in the Cove of Taiji.  Following the repeated accusations of their cruel killing tactics, they now perform their kills behind tarps strung across their boats, so others cannot see what they are doing.  They say they are humane in their slaughter of the dolphins they kill for food.  If so, then why have they added the cover of tarps?

Ric O'Barry has actually captured recent video footage of what happens behind the tarps. It is what many of us suspected.  The Video is Not for the Faint-hearted and is Deeply Disturbing if one has any Compassion for Dolphins.  The commentary and the video link is added here for you to follow if you wish.

What if there Were to be a "Sting Debate"?

On a more hopeful note, O'Barry has been recently noted talking with the British Star and Jazz Rock Musician, Sting, this being in the dolphins favor.  According to the Huffington Post, Sting vocalized his opinion while discussing with O'Barry, that people should not be eating dolphins, and that starting a debate is the best way he feels will help save the dolphins.

It is unfortunate that there seems to be be only a trickle of  Celebrities who have come forth to speak out against the Killing of Dolphins and even less who have made it to the Cove itself.  It has been noted that the few times celebrities did show up in the Cove, last year, the killings were halted.  Most likely this occurred because the media was there in full force with the stars presence there reaching out to international acclaim. But, there are no stars in Taiji now, and the killing continues there like clock work...

It would be awesome if Sting would actually choose this haunting site for his own public debate, to speak his mind to the world, encouraging a debate over the actuality of these dolphin horrors cascading like recurring Nightmares, over and over again in the Blood Red Killing Cove. 

Click the links below to read the full articles from the Huffington Post)


Jackie said...

Good post, which I just tweeted out for you..I used the link of what goes on behind the tarp in an email to all of the Japanese Connections that I have on file...asking them if they could still justify that their killing methods were humane..I don't expect an answer..keep up the good fight.

Cheryl/Muffyjo said...

Thanks Jackie! Keeping On Keeping On!