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Although all Ocean Inhabitants are important, a special focus here is on the order Cetaceans (ceta is greek and latin for whale) or Marine Mammals of which the family Delphindae (meaning Dolphins) belongs. Like all mammals, they must breathe air. They also give live birth, and nurse their newborns with milk. Whales, Dolphins and porpoises belong to this group. That means Whales are actually large dolphins. Whales are the largest and porpoises are the smallest of the Cetaceans. Dolphins are not fish as some may think, and they are considered second to human beings in their intelligence and I believe they have an advanced intelligence far beyond some humans. The Japanese Dolphin Hunters have been, and still are relentlessly driving dolphins in the Cove of Taiji to Their Deaths and Capture, and other people are contributing to their plight by supporting the entertainment arenas around the world and eating their meat.

The Dolphins of Taiji are Close to My Heart at this Time, so I wrote a Poem for them "Shout Out For the Dolphins of Taiji" and to Challenge the World to Helping them Overcome Their Plight.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

"Japanese Rescuers Save Baby Dolphin in Rice Field 12 Days Following theTsunami"

According to Reuters and other news, Japanese Tsunami Animal Rescue Workers found and were able to rescue a stranded baby dolphin from a rice paddy after the terrible earthquake & tsunami disaster that hit Japan on March 11th .  It was actually found 12 days after the Tsunami hit, on March 23rd.

The little dolphin (about 4 foot in length or 1.2 meters) was found about a mile inland, and was very weak.  The people who found it, called the rescuers to the scene.  Luckily it was still in flooded sea water but it was shallow at the time of discovery.   Ryo Taira, a pet-shop owner who has been rescuing animals abandoned after the 9.0 magnitude quake and tsunami was able to pick up the struggling cetacean from the shallow inland sea water in the rice paddy.  He was able to do so he said, because it seemed weak. He and another helper, wrapped it in a towel and carried it back to the sea, where he was able to release it alive, into the ocean.  Hopefully it will find it's way back to it's own pod, or perhaps another may adopt it.  We hope the end of this story is a good one.

Here is a link to multiple pictures and article from Reuter via Yahoo News

You Tube Video:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sea World, Bad Management by Holise E Cleveland III

This article from Holise E Cleveland III aka Cyber Whale Warrior, is about the absurdity and ignorance of capturing and keeping animals from the wild for human "education" and enjoyment.  Sea World is specifically targeted in this article.  The videos are also very informative;  the first coming from a very educated man, a PHD and a former Marine Mammal Biologist @ Sea World.  The second is about Orcas stolen from the wild to be sold to a world of Entertainment for the Masses.

How can one Argue with the Truth? My father told me as a child…. “Just because it has always been done that way, does not mean it is right. Follow Your Heart in whatever you do.”  Just because we were brought up to view captured animals in cages for “Education” does not mean it is the right thing to do. We can bring our children to Animal Sanctuaries and they will be educated to them with the goal of releasing them when healed, or protecting them because they need a safe place and can no longer be safe in the wild.

Here is a link to the article for you to see for yourself:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shout Out for the Dolphins of Taiji - What I Believe

"Shout out for the Dolphins of Taiji"

We are Each a Small Voice, but I Believe Our Voices Ring Loud when in Unison. At this time I fear Many do not read what is put before them, but Some do, More are Listening and Concerned and with Time, More Will.

"My Hope Lies in the Faith That Many People from All Corners of the Earth will Feel it in their Hearts to Act and Voice their Opinions taking Stance against the continuing Slaughter of the Dolphins and Whales of the Oceans. The Killing is not for need as food ~ much of the meat is not even liked by the Japanese in their cusine ... Some Say it is their Culture or Tradition, but that does not make it Right.  Others say they are taking their fish, and for that they must die... 

I am Speaking of their Annual Slaughter ~ of Thousands upon Thousands of Entire Pods, the Painful and Horrendous Means of Capture & Death, and the Choosing of a Few Singled Out with Each Entrapment in the Taiji Cove, for High Dollar Sale for Amusement and Entertainment in Sea Aquariums in Far Away Places."

These Magnificent Sea Animals are not fish; they are mammals, and they are no more theirs (the Japanese town of Taiji) than the Ocean Belonging to Them. The Cetaceans (dolphins and whales) are Said to be Second to Human in Intelligence, Yet these Fishermen Continue to Search out and Drive the Pods of Dolphins into their Cove to Kill them and Sell them for Profit.  (revised for further clarification 1/6/10)

When they are No More, and have become Extinct, Will the World then take Notice, and Weep and Wonder Why? This Town is so Proud as to Let their Families Eat the Mercury Tainted Food rather than to Turn to Other Healthy and Humane Ways for a Living. But for Those who Care, We must Continue to Speak until this Atrocity no Longer Happens.

“Shout Out For the Dolphins of Taiji”

Cries of Anguish and Death
Reverberate across the Seas
Originating from Taiji
Taking Me Down to My Knees

Dolphins of the Oceans
What have they done?
They are Taking Your Lives
In the Land of the Rising Sun

From Your Ocean Home to their Cove
In a Death Run For the Kill
Relentlessly Driving Your Pods
For Your Blood they Will Spill

Oh Dolphins of Taiji
My God what they Have Done?
They Stab you in Numbers
And No Mercy is Shown.

Families, Unborn Babies,
It Means Nothing to Them,
The Power of Green Money
The Driving Force from Within.

And they Call You Pests
For that You Must Die
"Stealing Fish from Our Nets
Costs Us Money they Cry"

Your Blood they Do Spill
In the Cove of Taiji
And A Few Spared in Each Run
Are Sent Away for a Fee

To Swim in Concrete Pools
Entertaining the Masses
While their Friends are Cut Up
And Served in School Classes

Fed to the Children
Toxic Mercury from the Kill
Identified only As Meat
To the World from the Spill

Hearing Your Cries Our Sweet Friends
We Tell the World of their Shame
May the Fishermen of Taiji
Find no Pleasure in Their Pain.

The World Does Take Notice
Cove Slaughters Must be Halted
Let the Dolphins Swim Free
And their Defenders be Exalted.

© Cheryl E Gordon 12/25/10

If You wish to Help in Any Way, You can Write a Comment here, Post a Link on your blog or web, write the Japanese Embassy, write to the Japanese Newspaper (links are below).... Even Better, Go to Taiji to Help the Guardians, Be a Guardian, or Just Get the Word Out ... Anything is Better than Doing Nothing... Thank You!

Make Your Voice Heard to the Country of Japan ~ Tell them what You Think About Allowing Dolphin and Whale Hunting to Continue:

Link to the Japan Times Online where you can write your comments about Taiji and the Dolphins Directly:
Link to US Ambassador Ross on Twitter:
Japanese Embassy Names and Numbers:

"My Style of Activism: What I Believe"

This is what I Believe about My Personal Activism and the Cause:

People are People, and Cultures are Cultures.  One cannot blame a particular people or a single person for a particular culture.  Not All People who do “Bad Things” are “Bad”. Sometimes people are cruel or irresponsible because they do not understand. There are also some who do not care, and some people do not hear, see or feel what I do.  All are different.  Then there are those I refer to as the "Walking Dead"… There is no hope for them…

I also believe that others just honestly cannot see past their own beliefs. They have tunnel vision or perhaps they are afraid to step outside their own box in fear the lid might close behind them. Yet if reminded & educated, and enticed over and over, a seed offered may find fertile ground.  Education and reinforcement of the value of life is so very important if we are to survive.

I am what one might call a peaceful activist or perhaps even a Pacifistic Activist.  After almost 60 years on this Beloved Planet I have found out that "name calling" never gets one to change.  So, when I become angry over cruel and ignorant behavior, I do my best not to resort to "cussing them out", but try instead to respond reasonably and appropriately in getting my message across. I try not to judge and call people names who do not believe as I do, as I do not know what is truly in their heart and mind.   But, should they call me names, so be it… Laying the truth on the table for people to digest is what I try to do. One cannot digest truth if it is forced down their throat, and when the tone is threatening, one most likely withdraws or attacks. He/she simply and determinedly will not listen.  Yet, when one fights back with name calling and cruel comments, I do know that a nerve has been struck.  If a nerve is struck, that means at least they are listening.  They may not understand or agree, but they are listening.

I believe we must fight for what we believe in.  It is best done without destructive measures.  One dictionary definition of fight that seems appropriate here is "to exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate for."   I try my best to love people, and believe that hate is a cancer, and I am aware that not everyone will be a believer in the Cause.