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Friday, March 25, 2011

"Japanese Rescuers Save Baby Dolphin in Rice Field 12 Days Following theTsunami"

According to Reuters and other news, Japanese Tsunami Animal Rescue Workers found and were able to rescue a stranded baby dolphin from a rice paddy after the terrible earthquake & tsunami disaster that hit Japan on March 11th .  It was actually found 12 days after the Tsunami hit, on March 23rd.

The little dolphin (about 4 foot in length or 1.2 meters) was found about a mile inland, and was very weak.  The people who found it, called the rescuers to the scene.  Luckily it was still in flooded sea water but it was shallow at the time of discovery.   Ryo Taira, a pet-shop owner who has been rescuing animals abandoned after the 9.0 magnitude quake and tsunami was able to pick up the struggling cetacean from the shallow inland sea water in the rice paddy.  He was able to do so he said, because it seemed weak. He and another helper, wrapped it in a towel and carried it back to the sea, where he was able to release it alive, into the ocean.  Hopefully it will find it's way back to it's own pod, or perhaps another may adopt it.  We hope the end of this story is a good one.

Here is a link to multiple pictures and article from Reuter via Yahoo News

You Tube Video:

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