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Although all Ocean Inhabitants are important, a special focus here is on the order Cetaceans (ceta is greek and latin for whale) or Marine Mammals of which the family Delphindae (meaning Dolphins) belongs. Like all mammals, they must breathe air. They also give live birth, and nurse their newborns with milk. Whales, Dolphins and porpoises belong to this group. That means Whales are actually large dolphins. Whales are the largest and porpoises are the smallest of the Cetaceans. Dolphins are not fish as some may think, and they are considered second to human beings in their intelligence and I believe they have an advanced intelligence far beyond some humans. The Japanese Dolphin Hunters have been, and still are relentlessly driving dolphins in the Cove of Taiji to Their Deaths and Capture, and other people are contributing to their plight by supporting the entertainment arenas around the world and eating their meat.

The Dolphins of Taiji are Close to My Heart at this Time, so I wrote a Poem for them "Shout Out For the Dolphins of Taiji" and to Challenge the World to Helping them Overcome Their Plight.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Call for Help from "the Path to Protect" The Cove

From the Path to Protect Blog:  If You are Concerned about the Killing and Sale of Dolphins, I recommend reading "the Path to Protect" blog by Cove Guardian Nichole McLachlan.  


Taiji Japan is one of the largest Perpetrators and Offenders, killing on the average, more than 20.000 dolphins a year, and keeping a remaining few from each hunt for the Entertainment World.


Cove Guardian, Nicole McLachlan's blog on  1/10/11 events tells us bluntly, "THIS IS WHY WE MUST NEVER STOP THE CALLS & EMAILS.  For Misty & every other dolphin that has had the misfortune of swimming near Taiji. DOLPHIN BASE IS PROFITTING FROM THEIR MISERY.


If Everyone would take the time to call or email Dolphin Base, it will help to bring about the change we need which is termination of the hunt and release of the captured.  


We need Everyone's Help to Save Misty the Dolphin @ Taiji Base Camp and all the Others Captured, (approximately 50 at a time) in Small Tanks, being held and pre-trained for the Worlds Aquariums.  This is the Main Thought in the Taiji Fisherman's mind... Drive in the Pod, Choose a Few strong, pretty ones, kill the Others.  That is what is happening over and over and over....


This is the phone number for Dolphin Base +81-0735-59-3514

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