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Monday, January 3, 2011

Reports on Misty, the Sick Captive Dolphin in Taiji Japan

On December 31st, 2010, The Cove Guardians of Sea Shepherd in Taiji Japan Tell Us of the Plight of One Lone Neglected Dolphin @ Dolphin Base at the Taiji Dolphin Resort (Misnomer!)  She was Captured Earlier along with a few from her Pod chosen for the Entertainment Parks of the World, whereby the majority of her Pod were horrendously Slaughtered for their Meat by Japanese Dolphin Hunters.  

The first Video I Saw of Misty was made December 31st by the Cove Guardians who were Unable to Get to Her Because of Barriers and Imposed Restrictions.  I understand now that the Cove Guardians had spoken to some staff and found out that she was held captive in the small tank you see and isolated up to a period of one MONTH, and it was now thick with algae and dead fish, and very poor circulation if any.  This Inhumane Mistreatment and Neglect Started a Universal Outcry against her Captors:

This is the video I am referring to where Misty the Dolphin fights for life in this contaminated pool ~ (when you pull this up, a pop-up advertisement may surface.  Just click on "close" to see the report) - CNN iReport & Video of a Deserted and Neglected Misty the Dolphin in Dolphin Base 


Video Update~ 1/2/11 ~ From the Teenage Activist, & the Path to Protect NickM22's ChannelTaiji Video Blog on just before her transfer to a cleaner larger pool in contact with other dolphins:

In this Video, Libbey, one of the Cove Guardians is being interviewed, and comments that the world involvement is simply amazing! She and the Cove Guardians are Thankful to all the Support they are Getting and Encourage us to keep up getting the word out, and for the Continued  Pressure we are placing on the People who are holding these Dolphins Captive.  During the time of this video, I believe there are 30 or more dolphins being held captive in the Dolphin Base.
January 1st From all the Pressure of the World, Misty's Captures Relent ... We hear and see this video from the Concerned Cove Guardians Just Outside the Dolphin Base Barricade.
Misty has been Moved ...  ~ But is it too Late for her recovery?  She is barely swimming in the picture before her removal from the filthy tank she was kept in.  She is in Dire Need of  Help .... (later we find out that Misty is actually a he)
Please Pray for, Meditate for, Ask For or forward Healing Light and Energy to MISTY, the Dolphin, still Imprisoned in a tank in Taiji Japan.
Thank YOU Everyone Who Has Taken Her and Her Plight to Heart ~ 
This is the Video of actual footage of the move on YouTube from the Cove Guardians of Sea Shepherd - Misty the dolphin from the Dolphin Base in Taiji is getting moved ~ evening of 01/02/11

January 3rd 2011 from Ric O'Barry @ Earth Island Institute viaTim and Carrie also in Taiji and associated with the blog "Save Japan Dolphins" have this to add:

January 3rd 2011 Report from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society;  Addition of Save the Dolphins Team~ Re-Joining of the Forces in Taiji

January the 4th Update on Misty from Nichole, one of the Cove Guardians, "The Path to Protect"

January 5th, 2011 ~ Misty is identified in his new tank separated from, but next to his many overcrowded dolphin friends.  Thank God he is still Alive!  See the video ~  Bless him, he has his yellow float still with him clutched in his mouth, but he is able to throw it and catch it now.  He appears stronger and in a better metal state.  See for yourself.  I Would Like to Say that the Next step 4 Taiji is ... CLOSE THIS DOLPHIN BASE CAMP, and FREE THE DOLPHINS!

Surely These Barbaric Actions MUST Send  OUT a RED FLAG to the Humane Members of the Species Homo Sapiens to Denounce Slaughtering and Capture of the Dolphins and Whales.   Please be Aware, that If You are in Attendance of Captured Dolphin or Whale Shows, You are Supporting the Blood Trade!  They are Dying for Human Entertainment.


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