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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Please Help "Save Australian Dugongs and Sea Turtles"

I would like to present and highlight another special cause today~ that being for the Australian Dugongs (relative to manatees) and Sea Turtles that have be exploited to their near demise through uncontrolled and cruel hunting.

This is a short descriptive excerpt taken from the "Save Australian Dugongs and Sea Turtles" website.  Please click on the link at the bottom of this Excerpt to read more about this Worthy Cause taken on by Colin Riddell known as dugongman on twitter, and Colinwhocares on Facebook, who has also partnered with Bob Irwin, father of Steve Irwin, a legend in himself for his courageous and outstanding efforts towards saving the wildlife of Australia.  Bob is supportive of Australian indigenous animals, and is against cruelty to animals, and has started the Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund.  I will post a link to his website too.
I chose the excerpt below which is taken from a post on this website, authored by Colin Riddell.  I believe it does well in getting the message across.  Please visit the site to get more information and to help spread the word and/or donate to the cause.  In it he says, :
"In Australia we have the native title act.
Please Note:  these statistics are from the yr 2004 and are much higher now... A review was done in 2004 by James Cook University

It allows indigenous Australians to kill in any numbers with no monitoring at all !
Aboriginal traditions and Islander customs target over 50 native wildlife species
These include bustards, crocodiles, dugongs, echidnas, emus, fish, flying foxes, frogs, goannas, lizards, macro pods, magpie geese, possums, shellfish, and snakes, as well as fresh and saltwater turtles and dugongs
It is estimated that up to 1600 dugongs and 20 000 salt and freshwater turtles are taken annually in Australia. In Tasmania, 200 000 mutton birds are caught annually.
The dugong is listed as vulnerable to extinction at a global scale by The World Conservation Union .
The green, leatherback, hawksbill and flatback turtles are listed as vulnerable which means that they may become endangered if threats continue.The loggerhead and olive ridley turtle are listed as endangered under this Act which means that the species may become extinct if the threats to its survival continue

My remedy:
It is to overhaul the native title act ,it is to have a moratorium straight away ,conduct a count of how many are in our waters ,if unsustainable ban it full stop, put some guidelines in on how an animal is killed ,bring all cruelty acts into line with each short stop killing endangered animals if it is unsustainable, where else do we condone killing animals vulnerable to extinction!"

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1 comment:

"Muffyjo" said...

Agreed and sharing. No tradition has the right to exterminate a species in cruel and inhumane ways. I am for indigenous culture but only to the extent it does not cause loss of life at the extreme with cruel abandonment. To eat to survive is one thing, but to cause suffering through cruelty and purposely kill with disregard of life, and environmental demise is another.