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Sunday, June 12, 2011

BP AMEricA BLUES. JUNE 2011~ Health Issue Cover UP!

On the Once Beautiful Coastline of America we Now See This ...

Look What is Happening to Our Ocean in Our Lifetime.  Without Intervention, there will be no Safe, Viable Ocean for the Future.  Please Get Involved.  If you Ignore the Problem, You are a Part of the Problem.  Please Do Not Allow this to Happen Again and again... 

I recommend sharing this YouTube video with the world in every way you know how, and joining the Facebook "Sustainable Waters & Wildlife Committee" Group to Show the Environment you Care... I just did @

Verbatim Excerpt from the Video Post:

Bp is Not being Held Accountable for the Illness at the GULf or All this dead Sea/wild life. Our Government is IGNORING the TRUTH. BOYCOTT BP FOREVER and do Something to HELP! Please...
These images were collected by the residents since this FEb.
Banned The COREXIT. Open Care facilities for the ILL.
America and The GOvernment is IGNOring this HEALTH ISSUE!
PROTEST BP! Don't let Bp Propaganda Commercials fool YOU! Please HELP The GULf to Stand up TO BP. Don't let our Government Get away with this COVER UP! PEOPLE ARE ILL. CLaims are not paid. must Ban COREXIT NOW.
Please sign this petition ~Demand Dispersant Testing on Dead Dolphins & Sea Turtles in the Gulf ~
photographers credit ~Laurel Lockamy,Shirley Tillman,Lorrie Williams,Denise Rednour, Betty Doud,Charles Taylor,Jonathan Henderson,Lori Captain Deangelis


Eric and Chasity said...

This "Cover Up" is making people ill. This "Cover Up" is killing people. This "Cover Up" is killing our Gulf! It is time for the American people to stand up for the people who are suffering and tell our government they CAN NOT do this. By turning our backs and doing are pulling the trigger on your fellow Americans.

"Muffyjo" said...

Agreed! If humans do not face the unpleasant, it will be forced into their faces, and the result will be much more than just unpleasant...