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Monday, August 29, 2011

"Australian Dugongs In Peril"

9/22/11 Update on the Dugong and Sea Turtle Crisis in Australia: 

This is a recent video from "CollinwhocaresRiddell" on Facebook about the Dugong and Sea Turtle Crisis.  These important sea creatures are steadily and quickly reaching the point of extinction if man and the environmental elements continue to kill them at this alarming rate.  Although there is a limit on take for Australians, there is a loophole that is causing them harm... Unfortunately for them, the indigenous people of Australia are not under any ban for capture and kill quotas, and there is over-killing and cruelty enforced upon these helpless creatures by certain members of this group thereby pushing the animals towards endangerment and extinction.  Some of the Indigenous people have seen this peril and offer a moratorium.  But this is not law and is under their own intent.  Unfortunately, those in power do not seem to think this is even a problem so have not taken a stance to help by enforcing a moratorium.  So, Colin Riddell, Bob Irwin of Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund, and James Epong,  Dugong and Turtle Protection Officer, are calling on the people to help... They are asking ALL Australians to Support them on a Moratorium for Turtle and Dugong Hunting in Australia. 

Please see the video clip below for more info:

Colin Riddell and Bob Irwin's Save Australian Dugong and Sea Turtles Site:

Article by "The Independent Nature"

Famine threatens Australia's gentle sea cows

Extreme weather has destroyed the dugong's feeding grounds – just the latest menace facing this already endangered species
By Roger Maynard in Sydney
Sunday, 28 August 2011

"An underwater famine is posing the latest threat to one of Australia's most endangered marine species, the dugong, which lives entirely on sea grass. At least 100 have starved to death in recent months and many more are likely to follow in the absence of their only food source.... "In addition to climatic and industrial threats to the dugong population, indigenous fishermen have also been accused of endangering the species. Next month a television campaign will be launched by animal activists who believe Australia's Native Title laws are allowing the "uncontrolled" and "unmonitored slaughter" of dugongs and turtles. Australians For Animals has accused some aboriginal groups of "appalling cruelty".

Campaign organiser Colin Riddell says: "We have a confirmed report of a dugong calf being tied to the back of a boat, its cries bringing in the mother so they can both be killed. We have reports in our office of indigenous groups going out in motor boats with a GPS to find dugongs. Once found, they radio their mates and entire pods of dugongs are slaughtered."

Dugong hunting has been an accepted part of Australia's indigenous culture for thousands of years. Their ivory and bones are used in traditional crafts and their meat, which is said to be similar to high quality beef, is regarded as a delicacy. The Native Title Act allows dugongs to be caught by aborigines for personal, domestic or non-commercial needs, but, according to Mr Riddell, some are being sold for profit. He claims the meat sells for nearly £100 a kilo and is even being exported.
Now he is urging the government to call a moratorium on dugong hunting until population numbers are established. "I don't have a problem with Native Title hunting if it's done sustainably," he insists. "But let's just see how many are left."...  (click on link below for full article)

Colin Riddell and Bob Irwin's Save Australian Dugong and Sea Turtles Site:


Kirsten Massebeau said...

Thanks for the great article about a very important issue. The hunting of dugongs and sea turtles must stop! These gentle creatures of the sea do not have a chance between the hunters and the lack of food. I plan to tweet and share!

Holise E Cleveland III said...

Great job, Cheryl! Thanks for being on top of this.
“By being inattentive to the needs of others, inevitably we end up harming them.” ~ Dalai Lama

"Muffyjo" said...

Thank you Kirsten and Holise for caring for the wonderful creatures of the seas and sharing their plight with others to help particular here, the dugongs and sea turtles. May they recover fully and enjoy their home in the ocean without exploitation and harm. :0)