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Although all Ocean Inhabitants are important, a special focus here is on the order Cetaceans (ceta is greek and latin for whale) or Marine Mammals of which the family Delphindae (meaning Dolphins) belongs. Like all mammals, they must breathe air. They also give live birth, and nurse their newborns with milk. Whales, Dolphins and porpoises belong to this group. That means Whales are actually large dolphins. Whales are the largest and porpoises are the smallest of the Cetaceans. Dolphins are not fish as some may think, and they are considered second to human beings in their intelligence and I believe they have an advanced intelligence far beyond some humans. The Japanese Dolphin Hunters have been, and still are relentlessly driving dolphins in the Cove of Taiji to Their Deaths and Capture, and other people are contributing to their plight by supporting the entertainment arenas around the world and eating their meat.

The Dolphins of Taiji are Close to My Heart at this Time, so I wrote a Poem for them "Shout Out For the Dolphins of Taiji" and to Challenge the World to Helping them Overcome Their Plight.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Article: Millions in Federal Taxpayer Funds Going to Mississippi "Dolphin Pimp"

Woodbridge Animal Advocacy Examiner

I have included exerpts to this very informative article in the September 12, 2011 Washington DC Examiner News.  It seems obvious that there is a hemorrhagic misuse of federal funds going towards mismanagement of marine mammals in captivity and other pet projects.  ... "According to Citizens Against Government Waste, a whopping $16.5 billion went to Congressional pet projects in 2010" and  the startling highlight of this article is centered around Millions in Federal Taxpayer Funds Going to Mississippi "Dolphin Pimp" Moby Solangi who is supporting a “state of the art” dolphinarium for the citizens of Mississippi. ...  " 

In this article, it is noted and reported that "Leading the pack in discretionary spending is Senate Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Thad Cochran.  In Fiscal Year 2010, Cochran earmarked 27 projects to the tune of $44,400,000.  Of that sum, $1,000,000 went to the Center for Marine Education and Research-Ocean Expo-Learning Center at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies."  The $75 million Ocean Expo is the brain child of Moby Solangi.  ... Richard O’Barry, star of the Academy award winning documentary, The Cove, has  characterized Solangi as a “Dolphin Pimp”.  Said O’Barry, “Solangi is one of the world's biggest traffickers in captive dolphins, and his track record is a litany of violent dolphin captures and exploitation. “ ....

It is my opinion and the opinion of many others from researching facts, that dolphins do not belong in captivity, and do not thrive in captivity.  I do not support a multi-million dollar industry in trafficking captive dolphins.  Do you?  Please read more from the article here:

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